Men’s Yuma Cursillo #7
Feb. 20-23, 2014

Ephesians 6:11
“Put on the full armor of God”

Please keep the candidates and the team in your prayers as we move forward with another way to allow the Holy Spirit to touch a life and bring someone closer to Christ.


Joshua Gough
Everett Whitacre
Chris Schutte
Chad Raschke
Hugh Durham


Rollo Room
Alan Kircher – Rector
Fr. Tom Phillips – Head Spiritual Director
Fr. Bob Fabey – Clergy
Dcn. Dee Renner – Clergy
Laurent Perkins – Asst. Rector / Liaison to Kitchen (Study Rollo)
Bill Harris – Observing / Next Rector (Action Rollo)
Chip Schneider – Ex-Rector (Christian Communities in Action Rollo)
Darryl Peralta – Table Leader
Emery Gerhardt – Table Leader
Scott Hauser – Table Leader

Frank Durham – Head Musician (Piety Rollo)
Leon Greenlund
Kevin Mudd (Laity Rollo)

Fr. Austin Mansfield – Kitchen Clergy
Jim Foster – Head Cook (Christian Environments Rollo)
Neil Taylor – Asst. Head Cook / Camp
Rob Hawk – Palanca (Ideal Rollo)
J R Fox – Sacristan
Ted Cleary
Bill Greenberg
Dan Kamikubo
Matthew Kennecott
Horace Mayes
Jerry Moon
Jim Palmieri (Christian Leaders Rollo)
Frank Rose
Thor Strom


Women’s Yuma Cursillo #8
Feb. 27-Mar. 2, 2014

Here is the Team Application

2014 Yuma Cursillo Work App

We hope that you will attend at least 2 of the 3 team meetings.

Here is the Candidate/Sponsor Applications

2014 Yuma Cursillo Candidate and Sponsor Forms

Also available from the Rector/Rectora or Parish Reps.


For further information, please contact either the Alan Kircher – Rector, or the Sherri Wayman – Rectora.

You can reach Alan at 928-580-9031 or at

You may reach Sherri at 928-580-9792 or at